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Kickin' it with Sidekick: Jason Wong

Celebrating awesome entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs just like you. Learn from others’ stories, successes, advice, and actions.

Image of Jason standing in front of trees wearing a button-down shirt with his arms crossed.
Jason Wong

Meet Jason Wong – Founder of Elutris. Focused on delivering sustainable marketing solutions, the company was inspired by Enhydra lutris, the latin name for sea otters, which are known to be loyal collaborators who literally rest together by holding hands so they can stay and work together. This quality grounds Elutris in the work that they do. Jason built Elutris from recognizing the importance of focusing on the foundations and to make sure results are delivered to last.

We love the succinct and wise advice Jason has to offer and we know you will too! Keep reading to find out more about him:

What are your sources of motivation and inspiration? How do you stay motivated/keep your cup full?

The people who surround me give me inspiration and challenge me to be a better friend, partner, family member, and person. And of course, a healthy amount of food, travel and fitness.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned on your entrepreneurial journey so far?

I’ve learned to have faith, do good work, have patience, and try. Results will follow. Also, get an accountant, this isn’t an instance of “you’ll just figure it out”.

What type of superpower would you want to have? Why?

I would want to have the ability to fly. To fly, you must be able to always have a full view, but also stay focused on what actually matters (which is staying in flight).

From his sources of motivation to his wishful superpower, we are enlightened and encouraged by Jason’s drive and perspective on his work and life.

Stay up to date with Jason by following him on LinkedIn.

(Image description: Image of Jason standing in front of trees wearing a button-down shirt with his arms crossed. )


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