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Kickin’ it with Sidekick: Sophia Gould

Celebrating awesome business leaders and change makers just like you. Learn from their stories, lived experience and successes in strategy, growth, and organizational design.  

Meet Sophia Gould, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in 

environmental stewardship, community engagement, and governance. Her passion for sustainability and outdoor therapy topics is reflected in her work at Rocky Tales Inc., where she blends creativity and analytical thinking. An avid nature enthusiast and amateur photographer, Sophia can often be found chasing first tracks on the slopes or serenading bears on forest hikes. From her childhood by the ocean to her adventures in the Canadian Rockies, Sophia's journey embodies the spirit of outdoor exploration and creativity. 

Passionate about storytelling and the great outdoors, Sophia is the Founder and CEO of Rocky Tales, an innovative venture dedicated to crafting engaging stories that celebrate the joy of snow sports and adventure.  


With her background as a snowboard and ski instructor.and former Manager of Marketing, Group Sales, and Events for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, Sophia has unique expertise in both the ski industry and creative content production.  


Her commitment to environmental sustainability and family values are the driving force behind Rocky Tales. Follow her outdoor adventures at 


Nominated by faculty, Sophia earned the Royal Roads Founders’ Award for recognition of exemplary qualities including leadership, commitment to sustainability, positive and proactive work in equity, diversity and inclusion and personal growth. She also received the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences MusiCounts Scholarship issued by CARAS. 


Get to know Sophia by checking out her interview below! 

1. Do you have a personal 'purpose' in life, and how does it or does it not relate to your work? 

Since childhood, my personal purpose has revolved around creative expression and a deep connection with nature. This passion has seamlessly intertwined with my work at Rocky Tales, where I advocate for education that promotes well-being, environmental stewardship, and literacy. Through storytelling and multimedia projects, I aim to inspire others to embrace creativity, explore their imagination, and foster a deeper connection with the outdoors. This alignment between my personal purpose and my work allows me to pursue my passions 

while making a positive impact on the world around me. 


2. At what moment in your entrepreneurial or strategy journey did you think: Now we've nailed it, this is IT!? 

The pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey occurred last year when I reflected on my personal experiences as a new parent and the challenges I faced in finding resources that resonated with my outdoor-loving lifestyle. Through my blog, I began to explore avenues of self-expression and connection, realizing the profound need for quality children's literature that catered to families like mine. It was then that I recognized the opportunity to bridge these gaps by creating Rocky Tales, a platform dedicated to crafting creative works that celebrate 

outdoor adventure and foster a love for nature and sports in both children and parents alike. This realization marked a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey, where I saw the potential to make a meaningful impact and address a pressing need within my community and beyond. 



3. What do you think is the difference between a good and a great strategy? 

The distinction between a good and a great strategy lies in its capacity to infuse creativity into every aspect of the business. At Rocky Tales., we believe in painting a visionary canvas where creativity knows no bounds. Our strategy isn't just about making plans—it's about daring to dream big, embracing diverse perspectives, and fostering a culture where innovation thrives. By encouraging creative collaboration among our team members and approaching growth with 

a mindset of curiosity and exploration, we transform good strategies into truly 

great ones. 



4. What advice would you give to (future) strategists looking to make their mark on the world? 

As a creative entrepreneur, my journey has been a testament to the power of 

embracing one's uniqueness and passions. Nature has been my muse, providing 

solace and inspiration, while writing, music, and exploration have served as my 

outlets for coping with stress and fostering creativity. Witnessing my son's boundless curiosity and thirst for discovery has further reinforced the importance of embracing exploration and pushing boundaries. His journey has taught me invaluable lessons about the significance of nurturing curiosity and the transformative power of unconventional experiences. 


For aspiring strategists, my advice is to embrace their individuality, draw wisdom from personal experiences, and pursue ventures that resonate deeply with their passions and values. Stay curious, innovative, and authentic, prioritize integrity and connection in every endeavour. By staying true to oneself and fostering a spirit of curiosity and creativity, one can truly make a lasting impact on the world. 

We admire Sophia’s zest for her passions, life and work – blending everything beautifully.  

At Sidekick, we believe in the 4Ps: purpose, passion, people, and profit to help you develop actionable steps to scale your business idea to its full potential. It’s clear that Sophia is harnessing her passion for adventure to do exactly that! 


Connect with Sophia on LinkedIn to see follow her stories. 


Learn more about Rocky Tales by visiting their website.  



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