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Workshop Facilitation

Revolutionize team performance! Our sessions blend interactive activities and expert guidance, fostering collaboration and skill development for a dynamic and effective learning experience. 

Plan on a Page

 Elevate your business strategy efficiently! We deliver actionable strategies, ensuring a nimble and effective approach to your long-term goals.​


Ignite your growth with insightful research! We facilitate stakeholder surveys, interviews and focus groups, equipping you with the knowledge to make decisions and stay ahead.

Fractional Roles

Tap into elite expertise without the full-time commitment! We offer flexible targeted skills, to optimize your team's capabilities and budget.


Optimize with expert audits! Our assessments deliver thorough insights, ensuring an understanding of your environment, stakeholders or operations and paving the way for improvements.

Tools & Processes

Propel your business with custom tools and processes! We create tailored solutions, providing the precise tools you need for enhanced efficiency and success.


  • What’s our strategic objective as we shoot for the stars in the next year/five years ?​
    Planning for the Future​ As your organization powers forward in its growth journey, navigating an ever-evolving landscape, it's essential to occasionally hit pause and strategically envision your path ahead. We specialize in igniting this process, aligning your team with a dynamic roadmap that propels your organization toward its goals. Here's how we fuel your strategic journey: ​ ​ In our Discovery phase, we assess your organization, your landscape and operations. ​ ​ We engage stakeholders through interviews or focus groups and Ideate upon the strategic pillars through interactive workshops. ​ In our Iterate phase we’ll craft a dynamic plan on a page and review it with your core stakeholders and equip you with an implementation roadmap. ​ Finally, we help you Optimize the implementation by coaching you on how to use some practical tools and processes, or can take on a fractional role to drive traction. ​ The result? A concise, actionable plan on a page that unites your team towards shared goals.
  • How do we ensure unwavering commitment to our set objectives and turn our plans into powerful actions?​
    Effective Execution​ Your Strategic Plan marks the beginning, a sturdy foundation aligning everyone with a shared vision and clear objectives. Yet, the true journey lies in effective execution, where we transform your strategic aspirations into actual progress. Here's how we turn your plan into action: ​ ​ In the Discovery phase, we dive into your organization's current state and strategic plan, distilling complex information onto a single page for clarity.​ Moving into Ideate, we’ll create a 90-day world, with effective collaboration and problem-solving practices and equip your team with straightforward tools.​ As we Iterate, the story unfolds practically. We learn from real experiences, fine-tuning tools and providing hands-on training tailored to your team.​ Then, in Optimize, we ensure you stay on track, with quarterly check-ins to keep you accountable and to identify areas for improvement. ​ ​ The result? Effortless tools, processes, and practices propelling progress, making your goals achievable with ease.
  • In the face of market changes, how can we respond to stay ahead and dominate our industry?​
    Industry Leadership​ As the ever-evolving world requires adaptation, staying ahead in your industry demands a strategic rethinking of your position. Here's how we guide you through this transformative journey:​ ​ In our Discovery phase, we analyze your current situation, conducting a thorough environmental scan and mapping out key stakeholders.​ ​ Through immersive stakeholder sessions, we gather insights from various perspectives, laying the groundwork for the ideation in a series of design thinking sessions.​ ​ Advancing into Iterate, we distill the design thinking into actionable recommendations, providing a roadmap for your organization to proactively stay ahead.​ .​ Finally, in the Optimize phase, we roll up our sleeves to build, implement, and test the first version of the solution crafted for your specific needs.​ ​ The result? A tailored solution designed to help your organization not only adapt to change but thrive, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of your industry​
  • How do we add a laser-sharp focus to our expansion efforts and supercharge our growth strategy?
    Focused Growth​ Your business foundation is solid, and you're convinced of the value you bring to your audience. However, the challenge lies in accelerating your growth—marketing and sales efforts have been scattered and with varying results. Here's how we bring focus to your growth journey:​ ​ In our Discovery phase, we delve deep, assessing your value proposition, exploring your landscape, and identifying current key audiences. ​ Through interactive workshops, we ideate on the most effective growth strategies, crystallizing them into a concise plan on a page.​ Moving into Iterate, we bring the plan to life, developing the tools and processes necessary for execution and results. ​ Then, in the Optimize phase, we learn from initial successes and barriers. Continuous training or even a fractional role can be seamlessly integrated.​ ​ The result? A practical and focused approach to fuel your business forward - intentional growth with less effort.
  • How do we turbocharge our organization/team and set ourselves up for success? ​
    Team Empowerment​ In the journey to success, your people are the driving force, requiring not only the right individuals but also seamless alignment and collaboration. Here's how we empower your team for success:​ In Discovery, we conduct insightful interviews with internal stakeholders, creating a vivid picture of current team dynamics and objectives. ​ Transitioning into Ideate, we bring to life an interactive, fun, and engaging team canvas workshop. Together, we collaboratively map out your ways of working, enhancing understanding and fostering a collective sense of ownership.​ We continue to iterate your canvas in consultation with the team and your key stakeholders. ​ Taking it a step further in the Optimize phase, we provide a comprehensive onboarding package for new hires and partners. Six months later, we revisit, ensuring your team not only thrives but continually evolves towards peak performance.​ The result? A re-energized team with a crystal-clear sense of purpose and direction, ready to navigate challenges and achieve success collaboratively.​
  • How do we initiate the transformation into an unparalleled, dynamic, and agile work environment?​
    Adaptive Transformation​ In the era of hybrid work, crafting an optimal work environment requires a thoughtful blend of flexibility, adaptability, and ownership. Here's our approach to guide you through the process of Adaptive Transformations:​ In Discovery, we dive deep into your world, exploring opportunities and key challenges through a comprehensive SWOT analysis​ Moving into Ideate, we kickstart stakeholder engagement, gathering insights to fuel a series of interactive organizational design sessions.​ The Iterate phase empowers us to continue to refine the blue print for your culture, key processes and organizational design. We solidify the vision into a tailored plan.​ Supporting you throughout this transformative journey, we provide practical tools, coupled with training, coaching, and a check-in after 6 months to Optimize and ensure sustained success on your transformation path.​ The result? A transformative journey uniquely aligned with your organizational DNA, adapting to the evolving work landscape and propelling your organization towards enduring success.​

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonny and the Sidekick team. Whether it is leading a collaborative strategic planning process with our board, educating us on tools to make our management team more effective, building organizational culture, or providing executive coaching – all of these have made a significant impact to our organization. Bonny is genuinely interested in our people and in us accomplishing our goals. I highly recommend Bonny and the Sidekick team. Sidekick will engage, connect, and deliver."

Brent Achtemichuk

General Manager, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

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