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Why feedback is in and advice is out

Adam Grant recently said in an interview that he’s not sure that giving feedback works.  When you ask for feedback you get a lot of useless information – the good stuff makes you complacent and bad can be demoralizing.   

But there are time when it is better to give 'advice'. 

Learn more about when and how to approach giving advice by exploring below or reading the full article

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Why and when

Feedback can feel personal - especially when communicated poorly). Advice leads to a focus on future actions and the things that can be changed. 

At the end of the day, all these interactions end up firing up the synapses in our brain in one way or another. Research has shown that both the approach to the conversation and the language you use  (aka “Hey can you give me some advice”) can have a big impact on the person's fight or flight response. 

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