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The Entrepreneurial Design™  Framework is an iterative, inclusive, and intentional approach to helping you develop actionable strategies to scale your business idea to its full potential.

Entrepreneurial Design™ draws inspiration from proven iterative, inclusive, and intentional methodologies, like inclusive design thinking and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and defines your unique intersection of Purpose. Passion. Profit. People.

Also referred to as the 4Ps.


"The Sidekick team was highly responsive to our feedback, genuinely engaged and worked well with us, from staff to CEO and Board. They were well organized with a clear plan, but remained flexible in their approach without compromising the quality of their work. They provided thoughtful, valuable advice throughout the process and took the time to understand us before delivering their innovative recommendations."

Brent Achtemichuk

General Manager, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba



The 4P Assessment™ is a self assessment tool developed by Sidekick for you, as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur to assess where you are on your journey to making an impact, and identify areas of focus on in order to grow your mark even further. The 4P Assessment™ is built on the belief that in order to truly make your impact, the 4 Ps (Purpose, Passion, Profit and People) need to be connected and in a perfect balance.  

The intention of this tool is for it to be filled out by the (senior) leadership of your organization, as well as your Sidekick consultant at various moments throughout our collaboration. It's not science, but it is a proven method to drive the right conversations, identify your areas of focus and track the progress of your journey to achieving organizational impact.

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