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Some think of us as consultants.​

But we go by many names.​

Coaches, change-makers, catalysts.​

Sometimes, even Alchemists.​

Because we have found a way to​

Harness purpose​

Prioritize people and profit​

And transform that passion into real progress.​

While vision may be the manifestation of one,​

We believe dreams are rarely realized alone.​

So don’t think you need to work harder. Or longer.​

You need to work with a sidekick by your side.​

Project Meeting


Meet the Team

Sidekick has an innate ability to connect with teams, drawing out exactly what they need and meet project deliverables. I’ve worked with various members of Sidekick over the years and found each one to be a specialist in their areas, each bringing their own strengths and always providing a different perspective on how we can create efficiencies, challenge current processes, and never hesitating to explore new ways of thinking.


No matter what obstacles you’re trying to solve, Sidekick will engage, connect, and deliver."

Valerie Yu

Head of Customer Insights & Marketing Solutions, Bayer Canada - Crop Science


We keep five guiding principles at the forefront that inform the way we work every day. They act as a filter for every new business challenge, market opportunity, and unanswered question that we encounter in our day-to-day. It’s ambitious and at the core of everything we do.

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