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5 Canadian Food and Beverage Companies We Are Craving

If you weren’t hungry before, you will be now.

Person wearing gloves holding a gourmet burger on a black tray.
Image by Valeria Boltneva (Pexels)

Canada is home to so many delicious food and beverage companies. From small start-ups to large expansions, we are inspired by (and now salivating over) these successful ventures. Here we celebrate the people and businesses behind all this entrepreneurial passion. Check our yummy list and why we love them!

We trust it's possible to live in a world where candy doesn’t always equal sugar, and where words like guilt, permission, and indulgence no longer carry weight.

Women-founded company, SmartSweets, has a unique vision of ‘kick the sugar, keep the candy’. Their health-conscious candy is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. In just a few years, the Vancouver-based company saw impressive growth, expanding to over 3,000 distribution locations across Canada and the US. Rosie loves SmartSweets for their vibrant marketing and simple campaign message. Her go to buy are the SmartSweet peach rings.

Two stories across the pond became one idea.

Toronto-based Spatula was founded by Ian Weng and Wallace Wong who came together to provide delicious, high-quality, flash-frozen foods through a subscription service. With advance flash-freezing technology, Spatula’s food texture, flavour and freshness is preserved even when frozen. Spatula recently raised $1.5 million USD to fully launch the one-of-kind food subscription and delivery service delivering Michelin Chef Meals to consumers’ doorstep. Bonny is excited about these delicious meals because they are local and are prepared in 10 minutes for less than $12 a meal. Her favourite dish is the Wild Mushroom Truffled Risotto.

It all started in their mother’s kitchen.

Atlantic Canadian Cove Kombucha, is Canada’s fastest growing Kombucha brand. Founded in 2016 by the ‘Booch Brothers’, the start-up recently raised $4.5 million CAD in funding to expand across North America. On a mission to provide healthy and delicious beverages, the Nova Scotian kombucha can now be purchased in more than 850 locations including Sobeys, Whole Foods Market, Costco Wholesale and Loblaws. As an Atlantic Canadian herself, Giuliana is excited to see Cove Kombucha across North America. Her favourite flavour is Strawberry Limeade.

Fusing craft beer and the arts.

Collective Arts showcases the incredible work of artists on their tasty craft beer cans. Combining creativity both in and on the can, Collective Arts’ goal is to inspire those around them. Leading through innovation and creativity requires diversity, equality, mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding. At Collective Arts, respect is found by embracing differences. Nora loves Collective Arts because they walk the walk and talk the talk. Whether it’s sitting on their patio, browsing their storefront, or ordering for delivery, all of Nora’s experiences with Collective Arts have been top tier. Her favourite beverage is the Nature of Things cider.

Bringing you the bold and warm flavours of South Indian Filter Coffee

Founded in 2016, Madras Kaapi serves Madras style filtered coffee (kaapi), providing authentic coffee that strives to recreate the nostalgia of madras coffee notes. Located in Toronto, Madras Kaapi was founded when Shilpa and Aditya were missing kaapi at home. Nithya loves Madras Kaapi as it reminds her of her mom’s in Edmonton and aunt’s house in South India. It honours cultures and tradition in a modern way for people of South Indian heritage, and gives folks an opportunity to taste culture in a different way. Nithya’s favourite order is (of course) kaapi and the Idlies.

From Passion to Plate (or cup)

Rooted in a core purpose and inspired by passion, there are so many reasons to celebrate and get excited about these delicious, yet purpose-driven food and beverage brands. Do you have a favourite company? Tell us why!

(Image Description: Person wearing gloves holding a gourmet burger on a black tray.)


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