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Boundaryless Work. Boundaryless Performance.

As Sidekick cofounder Mark Harrison pointed out in his blog on Boundaryless Work*, recent headlines have spotlighted companies like Dell, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of America for their rigid policies, still insisting on counting days spent in the office. Honestly, this blows my mind, as this traditional fixation misses the transformative potential of today's work dynamics.  

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Boundaryless work isn't just another trend, or a way to attract the new generation—it’s the solution that dismantles outdated structures. It’s about creating systems where autonomy, contribution, and results are prioritized over physical presence, offering a workspace with no limits and superior outcomes. To me, here are the four things we need to focus on for truly boundryless work: actual contributions, trust, autonomy, and culture.  


*Since I love this idea of Boundaryless Work, I’m going to borrow a page out of my own book and adopt Mark’s introduction of the term Boundaryless work as if it were my own 😉.

Challenging the Status Quo with Boundaryless Work 

Embracing a boundaryless work environment transcends physical and organizational barriers, fostering a space where creativity and results are at the forefront. This shift not only challenges us to rethink where work is done but how it is done—emphasizing collaboration, contribution, and the achievement of shared goals. Leaders, this evolution starts with you. Curious what that means, and how to get started? Read on…  

  1. Valuing Contributions Over Clock Time    Ditch clock-watching and focus on what truly matters: impact. Research, including studies from Gallup, shows that organizations emphasizing outcomes over hours don't just meet expectations—they exceed them by 21%, demonstrating that performance can indeed go beyond traditional boundaries.

  2. Building a Culture of Trust   In the era of boundaryless work, leadership must shift to a more facilitative role (take a look at this role on the power of faciliative leadership), cultivating a culture built on trust rather than control. High-trust environments enable organizations to leverage the full potential of their workforce, encouraging employees to take initiative and make impactful decisions aligned with organizational objectives. A survey by  the Great Place to Work Institute shows that companies with high trust levels see up to 50% higher retention rates than the national average.

  3. Accountability in Autonomy  Adobe’s transition from infrequent reviews to regular check-ins exemplifies (check out this blog on initiating the feedback convo) how accountability, paired with autonomy, transforms obligation into motivation. When teams own their projects and goals within a boundaryless setting, they don’t just meet their targets—they surpass them, thriving in an environment that supports their growth and well-being.

  4. Cultivating a Connected, Inclusive Culture  Who says you need an office to build a strong culture? Companies like Basecamp demonstrate that strong connections can flourish under flexible conditions. By trusting employees to choose where and how they connect—be it in an office, at shared spaces, or digitally—individuals are empowered to optimize their collaboration based on personal effectiveness.  

Join the Movement: Embrace the Era of Boundaryless Work 

This movement is more than a call for flexibility—it’s a call for a fundamental transformation in the workplace. It’s about creating environments where everyone can thrive, contributing uniquely and significantly to a shared purpose. Embrace a workplace without boundaries, where autonomy celebrates diversity in work styles and measures success by results and impact, not by location or hours logged. 

Are you ready to lead rather than follow? Ready to attract the best by being the best? It’s time to embrace boundaryless work. Join us in this movement to redefine the workplace and ensure that productivity and well-being coexist, thriving in a realm where performance is paramount, and freedom is non-negotiable.


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