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Because everyone needs a sidekick

We’re Sidekick, it’s great to meet you!

We’ve made it our mission to help you do what you love. We offer a hands-on approach - and the extra bench strength - to help translate passion into action. 



We’re a team of purpose-driven strategy consultants.

We are business integrators who come to the table with first-hand experience of growing, leading and owning a business, and offer an entrepreneurial approach to solving business challenges and maximizing impact.   


We provide actionable strategic support, through the facilitation of strategic and annual planning, developing go-to market strategies or tackling a current business challenge.

We do this by leveraging Sidekick’s Entrepreneurial Design™ Framework to help you develop actionable strategies to scale your business idea to its full potential through connecting the 4Ps: purpose, passion, people, and profit.



We set you up with simple, actionable plans and the right tools,  processes, and people to realize your goals. 


We’ve intentionally designed our offerings to address core business challenges and opportunities. Our offerings are modular, yet adaptable.


For leaders who want

to drive change.


For organizations that want to augment its offerings.


For early-adopters shifting to the human-focused era.


For organizations who need the extra bench-strength.

Sidekick offers organizations hands-on support by taking on a Fractional Senior Role. This can be as an extension of Strategy Planning, Growth Accelerator or Organizational Design Services or as a stand-alone. Let’s chat about how we can elevate your team!




“It has been such a pleasure to work with Sidekick. They are quick to identify points of opportunity to drive business results, approach conversations with a learner mindset, and have been integral in our strategic planning process.”

Valerie Yu

Head of Digital Innovation & Data Strategy, North America, Shell

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