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Kickin’ it with Sidekick: Alex Love

Celebrating awesome entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs just like you. Learn from others’ stories, successes, advice, and actions.

Meet Alex Love - the Vice-President at Accretive Realty Partners.

Accretive is a commercial real estate investment advisory. Built off great relationships, Accretive responds to investor demands transferring the knowledge required to properly understand investment opportunities in a rapidly changing and increasingly

sophisticated market. Accretive has a varied portfolio that includes everything from self-storage to multi-residential developments and properties. The firm has a national focus as an expert in Canadian real estate market insights.

Alex is a devoted team player, joining the Accretive Realty team since 2019 and rapidly growing into a leadership role. He has learned the tough, yet important lessons of entrepreneurship and resiliency quickly in his career. His reflections below are sure to motivate you and instill the grit we all need. Check it out!

1. What are your sources of motivation and inspiration? How do you stay motivated/keep your cup full?

My primary source of motivation is knowing the impact I have on my team. Many of my team members rely on me and my efforts to create and find opportunities. Knowing that I am a key component of success for my team and company, it drives me to always put my best efforts forward, even on the hard days. Another major motivator of mine is proving people wrong. Being in the sales industry, it can be very difficult to achieve success, especially if you don’t have that grit and perseverance. Something very important that keeps my cup full is knowing that hard work pays off. Throughout my time in my current role, I have seen my dedication and passion lead me to achievement. Having the ability and independence to set my own goals and being able to attain them is very rewarding.

2. What book/podcast/documentary/piece of content do you recommend the most and why? How has it has greatly influenced your life?

There are two books that have greatly impacted my life and careers. The first one is “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. This book outlines the importance of taking control of your life, regardless of your circumstances, holding yourself accountable, and treading through growing pains to achieve success. The biggest takeaway from this book is David Goggins’ 40% rule. The rule goes as follows: the feeling that you are completely tapped out, comes when you are only 40% done; you still have 60% left in your “tank”. Following this rule has allowed me to become more mentally strong and is a constant reminder that you are always capable of more than you think.

The second book that has positively impacted me is called “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. Grit is about understanding the power of passion and perseverance. A very important mantra that I took away from this book is “living life like it is a marathon, not a sprint”. This quote has impacted my daily life, by making me take a long-term approach when tackling my goals. More specifically, there are no shortcuts to accomplishing your goals and taking small consistent steps will lead you to great achievements.

3. What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your business/current role?

No one is going to do the hard work for you. If you want something, it is up to you to go get it. Success does not fall on your lap - it is determined by your drive, commitment and consistency. Relating this to the sales industry, you are constantly in competition with other salespeople, so it’s important to put your best efforts forward. Prior to starting my career, I did not understand the impact and importance of hard work and how it directly correlates with success. Being in the industry for almost 4 years now, it has taught me that I am the dictator of my success, and having that power is extremely motivating to me.

From his sources of motivation to his sound advice, leaders like Alex inspire us to stay motivated, work hard and take charge of our own success. After all, you still have more left in your tank!


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