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2 Forgotten Ps: The Secret Sauce of Marketing

Two people shaking hands in front of white board with the word 'Marketing' and multiple yellow sticky notes.
Photo by Alena Darmel

If you have been responsible for a brand's marketing, you will know that operationalizing isn't always seamless. Ideas mean nothing without execution.

A truly effective foundational marketing strategy requires a balanced approach that considers foundational price, product, positioning, and promotion as well as the often overlooked “Ps" of marketing: people and process. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of integrating people and process into your marketing plan for successful execution, whether you're an in-house marketer or an agency.

People: Aligning Talent with Roles

Talent is everything in marketing. Ensure each team member is placed in a role that aligns with their strengths and allows them to contribute meaningfully to the team's objectives. Strong leadership and management sets a clear vision and fosters trust and accountability.

Invest in your team's professional development through training, workshops, industry events, but also their lived experiences. Encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement will strengthen your marketing foundation and improve results.

Process: Consistency and Accountability for Execution

Consistency in internal processes and execution is crucial. Create mechanisms that encourage accountability and consistency, such as defining roles and responsibilities, outlining a strategy, revisiting the plan, and measuring outcomes.

Transparent communication is essential for fostering consistency and accountability, including regular meetings, status updates, and shared documents.

The 2 Forgotten Ps of Marketing

These two Ps are are essential for executing a successful marketing strategy. By aligning talent with roles, investing in professional development, and implementing processes that promote consistency and accountability, organizations can significantly improve their marketing efforts. Remember, no matter how ground-breaking your ideas may be, they are only as valuable as your ability to execute them effectively. A balanced approach that incorporates product, price, promotion, positioning, people, and process is crucial for success.

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(Photo description: Two people shaking hands in front of white board with the word 'Marketing' and multiple yellow sticky notes.)


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