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How to perfectly combine AI and Human Touch

From Dinner Parties to Marketing Strategies

We are now in a moment reminiscent of 1992 when the internet had just launched. Back then, we were skeptical about how the internet would take over the world and its impact on productivity. And look where we are now. This is 1992 all over again.

Like many, I have become a regular ChatGPT user. I recently showed a colleague how to build a social media campaign and presentation in minutes using AI. She was mind blown (as was I) and proceeded to ask, "But how does a brand/consultant maintain its edge if technology can do all this for us?"

Having reflected heavily on the impacts of AI—how it will affect productivity, the opportunity to scale innovation, and the greater benefit/risk society—I've come to appreciate its benefits. Technology is a tool to help us stay focused on the things that deliver value, like original thinking, business strategy, audience motivations, and building/management of processes; the skills that enable value.

We need to find the perfect balance between AI and human touch. Now more than ever, we must ensure that a strong strategy, a clear understanding of audience and market fit, and management processes are in place before leveraging tools like this for your businesses and clients. Here’s why:

The Importance of a Strong Strategy

A robust strategy is critical in guiding AI initiatives, aligning them with organizational goals, and keeping the focus on what matters: the business and people strategy. By providing direction, establishing priorities, and ensuring relevancy, a strong strategy maximizes ROI and can help support delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Let’s think about this in the example of a dinner party. When planning a dinner party, you need a clear plan, like deciding the menu, considering dietary restrictions, choosing the right ingredients, and determining the cooking timeline. AI might help you find recipes or make shopping lists, but you still need original thinking to create a cohesive and thoughtful menu that caters to your guests' preferences.

Deep-Rooted Understanding of Client Business

A deep-rooted understanding of the client's or your own business is vital for providing tailored, consumer-centric solutions. Profound knowledge ensures that whatever is being created is relevant, solves a problem, or entertains. This understanding also enables firms to anticipate disruptions and devise strategies for clients to adapt and thrive in an AI-driven world.

In the dinner party example, you must understand the tastes and preferences of your guests, as well as their dietary needs or restrictions. Knowing what flavors will be popular and what dishes will cater to everyone's requirements will help you create a memorable meal that everyone enjoys. While AI can provide suggestions or even create new recipes, it still requires a human to understand and interpret the subtle nuances of their guests' preferences and create a dining experience that appeals to them.

Effective Management and Approval Processes

Solid management and approval processes are crucial in ensuring AI initiatives are properly vetted, guided, and controlled while keeping consumer needs at the forefront. These processes mitigate risks associated with AI adoption and ensure that AI solutions align with overall business objectives.

Moreover, an effective approval process fosters collaboration and communication between various stakeholders, balancing the technical and strategic aspects of AI implementation.

Finally, you'll need to manage your time and resources efficiently when planning a dinner party to ensure that every dish is prepared correctly and served at the right temperature. This includes delegating tasks if you have help, monitoring the cooking process, and making adjustments as needed. AI can assist with tasks such as setting cooking timers or providing step-by-step instructions, but it still requires a person to oversee the process, taste the dishes, and make final decisions.

Harnessing AI's potential while maintaining focus on what truly matters requires a balance between technology and human touch. While we recognize the societal considerations surrounding AI, let's embrace the tools available to us for the time being. By doing so, we can allocate more time to concentrate on the essential aspects of our businesses. Combining AI with human expertise and a commitment to strong strategies, understanding, and management processes allows businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and drive growth and success. So, at the end of the day, what are you serving at your dinner party?


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